The Aquatic Center is 45,000 square feet and contains a 50- by 25-meter swimming pool, which is two meters deep at both ends and three meters deep in the center. The pool has two moveable bulkheads, 10 50-meter lanes, 20 25-meter lanes and contains 909,000 gallons of water.

The facility is primarily used for training and testing of the country’s finest Olympic and Paralympic swimmers, pentathletes, triathletes and water polo players, but is also utilized by other athletes for cross-training. An overhead catwalk and underwater cameras allow for filming athletes both above and below water for testing purposes. The facility also utilizes other training aides such as a towing system, power towers, climbing ropes and free weights to help maximize training. 

Athlete Center
The Athlete Center offers housing, meals and recreational facilities for both resident and short term program users. The center also features a dining hall, which serves more than 340,000 meals annually. Additionally, the center contains multiple meeting rooms.

Sports Centers I and II
Sports Center I – the first multi-sport gymnasium built on complex – is a 59,000-square-foot facility featuring six gymnasiums. Sports Center II was constructed in October 1993 and also houses six gymnasiums.  

Each facility can accommodate the training requirements for 14 Olympic, Paralympic and Pan American sports, ranging from volleyball and basketball to smaller, more internationally renowned sports such as team handball and archery. The facility can also accommodate Paralympic sports such as goalball, wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. 

Olympic Fencing and Modern Pentathlon Center
The Olympic fencing and modern pentathlon center features nine fencing pistes and 10 electronic laser shooting ranges for modern pentathlon.

Olympic Shooting Center
The Olympic Shooting Center is the largest indoor shooting facility in the Western Hemisphere and the third-largest in the world. The center features 29, 50-meter firing points for rifle and pistol shooting; eight 25-meter pistol bays for rapid-fire pistol and women's sports pistol; four 10-meter running target rifle ranges; and 72, 10-meter air rifle and air pistol fire points.

Olympic Visitor Center
The Olympic Visitor Center is the primary facility serving the general public and providing information about the USOC, U.S. Olympic Training Centers and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements. The Olympic Visitor Center includes the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, an indoor reception area, Team USA Shop and a 225-seat auditorium. Public tours are conducted on a year-round basis by USOC Ambassadors. For more information, click here

The 7-Eleven Olympic Training Center Velodrome is the official training site for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic track cyclists and USA Roller Sports.  Built in 1983, the Velodrome features a 333.3-meter banked cement track, which wraps around a 200-meter track for roller sports. The 1,000-seat facility is open to the public and hosts local, national and international events. For more information on upcoming events, classes and community programs, click here.

The Velodrome is located at 250 Union Blvd., approximately one mile south of the Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs Memorial Park. For more information and to view an up-to-date schedule, visit our Facebook page.

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West Wing Conference Center
The West Wing Conference Center is the largest meeting space at the CSOTC and has the ability to accommodate more than 200 people. 

Ted Stevens Sport Services Center
The Sports Medicine clinic provides treatment by the USOC’s elite integrated multidisciplinary Sports Medicine team, consisting of physicians, sports chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and massage therapists for Team USA’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  The Sports Medicine Clinic houses a top of the line musculoskeletal ultrasound, state of the art X-ray machine that allows for precision diagnostic imaging, an extremity MRI, and a Lunar iDXA.  In addition to these diagnostic modalities, the Sports Medicine clinic includes treatment areas, physician exam rooms, a pharmacy, taping stations, Sports Optometry and the Recovery Center for a one-stop comprehensive sports medicine facility; the only one of its kind in the U.S.! 

The Colorado Center of Orthopedic Excellence is the Official Orthopedic Medicine Provider to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Memorial Hospital, part of University of Colorado Health, is the Official Hospital of the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

The Strength and Conditioning staff work to assist athletes and coaches in the development and implementation of sport specific strength and conditioning programs. The Strength and Conditioning facility houses top of the line cardio and weight equipment as well as an indoor warm-up track to ensure athletes have year-round training opportunities.   There are force plates imbedded in the turf that can analyze sprint and jumping movements, a turf incline ramp for athlete specific training exercise as well as three 60 meter Mondo Track sprint lanes.

The Sport Sciences staff assist athletes and coaches to achieve optimal preparedness for training and competitions by integrating sport dietetics, technology, physiology and psychology. Within the Sport Sciences facility is the High Altitude Training Center which allows athletes to train at different climate conditions: altitude, heat, and humidity.  The state of the art Teaching Kitchen allows athletes to learn the skills necessary to maintain their training and competition diet, gain knowledge for international travel and learn how to shop and cook both at home and abroad.  Athletes can participate in sport psychology team building and psychophysiology training sessions in preparation for training and competitive environments. Sport Technology assists athletes with technique development and evaluation tools such as technique feedback, detailed video analysis, comparisons and feedback tools.