To create an inclusive, competitive and progressive diversity management approach, the USOC formed a Diversity Working Group comprised of staff members from the USOC, members of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Family, and independent volunteer advisors charged with formulating diversity strategies. The working group, chaired by Denise Parker, CEO of USA Archery, developed the following vision statement for diversity and inclusion to guide the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Family:

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Family embraces the spirit of differences for better athletic performance and business results.

Through analysis, research and interviews, the working group formulated four recommendations for the USOC to consider for the National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council:

  1. The USOC and NGBs should actively reach out to and partner with relevant organizations to widen pathways for leaders, athletes and program development.
  2. The USOC and NGBs should strive to create and cultivate an inclusive environment by adopting strategies and procedures in enlisting, hiring, training and retaining a diverse talent base.
  3. The USOC and NGBs should proactively identify stories and successful programs that celebrate and encourage underrepresented athlete participation within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements and develop a marketing and communication plan to support these initiatives.
  4. The USOC and NGBs should focus on fundraising initiatives for diversity program development. These efforts should be led by the USOC and supported by the NGBs to ensure the sustainability of the focus on diversity.

For more information on the Diversity Working Group and to see a complete list of members, click here.