The USOC Diversity and Inclusion program is dedicated to creating and maintaining a culture that embraces the uniqueness of every person. The USOC created a National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council to help foster Team USA’s unique gifts, talents and experiences into a collective effort that directly impacts American athletes and coaches. As the UOSC proceeds on its walk toward greater diversity and inclusion, it is our sincere hope that you will join us on this journey. 

By choosing to become an Advisory Council member, your contribution will be used to enhance programs that develop Olympic and Paralympic sport across the country. Your support will not only help diversify the individuals participating in each sport, but also ensure inclusion and sustained competitive excellence for U.S. athletes, both at the elite and grassroots levels. 

To become a member of the Advisory Council, interested individuals must have a true passion for sport, fair play and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and demonstrate a commitment to diversity in their daily lives. Individuals must also commit to a minimum endowment of $200,000 over a maximum of four years, which will be used to support diversity and inclusion initiatives at the USOC. A portion of the contributions will be available for U.S. National Governing Bodies in the form of grants, which will be used to enhance diversity and inclusion within their sport.

For more information on the USOC National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, please contact Jason Thompson, USOC director of diversity and inclusion at