USOC Sport Nutrition:

USOC Sport Dietitians partnered up with Summer Sanders for some fun nutrition tips for athletes, coaches and parents:
Kellogg’s Sport Nutrition Video Series

Check out this great video from Team USA’s training location in London, featuring USOC Sport Dietitian Shawn Hueglin:
USOC High Performance Training Center in London – August 2012

USOC Sport Dietitians discuss the nutrition needs of Olympic athletes:
Diets in – June 2012

The USOC Sports nutrition team discusses how they are helping athletes prepare for the Olympics Games:
Food and Nutrition Magazine – May 2012

A USOC sport nutritionist is interviewed regarding nutrition preparation for the Olympic Games:
Today’s Dietitian Magazine – April 2012

USOC Sport Dietitians:

USOC Sport Dietitian Alicia Kendig shares a delicious recipe for swimmers:
Swimming Magazine – September/October 2012

USOC Sport Dietitian Alicia Kendig reports on a variety of nutrition tips in The New York Times (summer and fall 2012):
Why some Olympic athletes need to Gorge
Good Reasons to Break the Fast Food Habit
Olympic Nutritionists Diet Tips

USOC Sport Dietitian Jennifer Gibson discusses the Olympic athlete's diet:
Huffington Post – August 2012

USOC Sport Dietitian Jennifer Gibson discusses nutrition tips for the recreational athlete:
Women’s Health – August 2012

USOC Sport Dietitian Jennifer Gibson describes Olympic nutrition planning with athletes: – April 2012

USOC Sport Dietitian Nanna Meyer explains how many calories Olympic athletes need to compete:
National Public Radio – July 2012

USOC Sport Dietitian Nanna Meyer discusses nutrition for speedskating:
Racing Blade – fall 2011

Check out these great winter sport nutrition media pieces in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games by USOC Sport Dietitian Nanna Meyer:
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